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Here you will find details of the imprint, disclaimer, data protection policy and general terms and conditions of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and its subsidiaries.

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  • Disclaimer


    This disclaimer applies to the website and all the domains and pages (hereinafter referred to as “SPG Websites”) operated by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “SPG”)


    SPG takes all reasonable care to ensure the correctness of the published information. However, SPG assumes no liability for the correctness, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, and completeness of the published information.

    Liability claims against SPG due to damage of a material or immaterial nature arising from access, use or non-use of published information, or through misuse of the connection, or technical faults are excluded as far as possible. SPG reserves the explicit right to modify, amend, delete, or temporarily or permanently make unavailable sections of pages or the entire offer without specific notification.

    Liability for medical information

    The medical information provided is for information purposes only and must not be taken as an invitation to self-medicate or to carry out self-treatment. This information does not replace investigations, treatment, or advice offered by medical professionals.

    References and links

    SPG shall assume no liability for references and links to third-party websites. Access to and use of such websites is at the user’s own risk. SPG states expressly that it has no influence on the design, content, and offers of linked websites. Responsibility for the information and services of linked websites rests entirely with the third party concerned. No responsibility whatsoever shall be accepted for such websites.


    All content on SPG Websites is protected by copyright.

    Content rights are not transferred by downloading or copying content, images, photographs, logos, registered trademarks, or other data.

    The copyright and all other rights to content, images, photographs, or other files on SPG Websites belong exclusively to SPG or to the specifically named owners. The written consent of the copyright holders must be obtained before any elements may be reproduced for public or commercial purposes. The content may be used for private or editorial contributions provided the source is acknowledged.

    Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

    Swiss law shall apply exclusively in the case of any disputes arising in connection with the use of SPG Websites. The place of jurisdiction is Lucerne.


  • We look forward to seeing you play an active part in our digital channels, but request that any discussions are respectful, factual and constructive. Please observe the following:

    • Remember that misunderstandings may arise more quickly in written communication than in face-to-face communication. Please make sure you express yourself clearly.
    • You are dealing with real people and not virtual personalities.
    • Please treat others as you would like to be treated, namely with courtesy and respect.
    • Avoid comments that sound sarcastic as they can easily be misunderstood.
    • Think before you write and before clicking on “Publish”.
    • You may use or quote content written by somebody else as long as you name the author.
    • Observe personal rights, image rights and copyrights.

    These netiquette guidelines apply to all digital channels of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.

    Nottwil, 6. Juli 2018

General Terms and Conditions

  • General Terms and Conditions Orthotec AG

    Available in German only.

  • General Terms & Conditions of Business

    Registration as a member of the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation


    1. General information
      The following terms and conditions apply to all registrations for membership (for yourself or as a gift for someone else) of the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation through the "Become a member" application on the website ( werden). The Benefactors' Association shall not be bound by its online offers under "Become a member".
      We reserve the right to amend offers and prices without notice.
    2. Data protection
      The Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation respects the privacy of its customers and complies with the applicable statutory data protection regulations.
      Personal data which the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation collects or processes in the course of customer registration or for editing purposes will only be used by us in line with statutory regulations. We will use the customer data exclusively for our own purposes or for those of the organisations of the Swiss Paraplegics Group. The data will not be made available to third parties for promotional purposes, either through sale or through exchange.
    3. Conclusion of the contract
      Your purchase order constitutes an offer to conclude a contract and is thus binding.
    4. Prices, payment, confirmation
      The prices published on our website under "Become a member" include value-added tax.
      Shipping costs do not apply.
      The membership contribution can be paid using a payment slip which will be sent to the prospective member by post following registration. In addition, payments may also be transferred by credit card using Saferpay. Saferpay is a service provided by SIX Card Solutions, which processes card-based electronic payments on our behalf. For further information about Saferpay, go to
      Once payment has been successfully verified via the Saferpay payment gateway, an instant confirmation of membership of the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation is sent to you by e-mail which can then be printed out. In addition, a member's pass will be sent to you by post. The General Terms and Conditions of Payment of the credit card company apply.
    5. Member's contribution / Acquiring membership / Ending the membership
      The General Member Regulations (AMB) of the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation shall apply. The Benefactors' Association reserves the right to update the Member Regulations at any time. You must also acknowledge that you agree to the Member Regulations when registering.
    6. Withdrawal / Cancellation
      Should you wish or need to withdraw your membership, notification must be sent at your earliest convenience in writing or by e-mail to the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation, 6207 Nottwil.
    7. Duty to provide information
      When registering, the customer is required to provide accurate data and to advise the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegics Foundation of any possible changes without delay (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number).
    8. Applicable law, place of performance, place of jurisdiction
      This is governed by the law of Switzerland. The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contract is the court with actual jurisdiction in Nottwil.

    Nottwil, 8 November 2011

    Download AMB's

  • General Terms and Conditions of the Centre for Pain Medicine at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil Ltd

    governing credit card payments made when registering for the pain course or pain conference

    1. General
    These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “GTC”) apply to registrations for courses and conferences at the Centre for Pain Medicine paid for by credit card via the web application (

    2. Registration
    Registration must take place online and is binding. On registering, participants accept the GTC and course costs. Registrations are taken into account by order of arrival. Confirmation of registration (which also represents proof of payment) for the course/conference is provided online directly after successful registration by e-mail.

    3. Payment methods
    Payments are only accepted by credit card. The general terms and conditions of the relevant credit card company apply.

    4. Data privacy
    The Centre for Pain Medicine complies with the applicable Swiss data protection regulations. It uses the personal data obtained during customer registration, processed or collected for editing, in accordance with the statutory regulations and exclusively for its own purposes or for those of organisations in the Swiss Paraplegic Group. Data is not made accessible to third parties either by
    sale or by way of exchange.

    5. Cancellation
    Cancellations must reach the Secretariat of the Centre for Pain Medicine in writing before the start of the course or conference (postmark or e-mail time stamp) and are accepted up to three days before the start of the event. A processing fee of CHF 50 is charged for cancellations received up to three days before the start of the event (after proper registration and payment). We charge a fee of CHF 450 to cover costs if participation is cancelled at short notice (1-2 days before the start of the event) or in the event of failure to attend.

    6. Liability
    We accept no liability for damage incurred in connection with any courses/conferences or events organised by the Centre for Pain Medicine. You are therefore personally responsible for taking out sufficient insurance coverage. The Centre for Pain Medicine cannot be held liable for the theft or loss
    of any items.

    7. Programme and price changes
    We reserve the right to make changes to programmes, prices and to the GTC.

    8. Applicable law / place of performance / place of jurisdiction
    Swiss law shall apply. The exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be the competent court at the headquarters of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre Nottwil Ltd in the Canton of Lucerne.

    Nottwil, 29/10/2018

    Download General Terms and Conditions

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